Executive Coaching in London – Why use coaching?

Yes coaching is expensive. To most people spending thousands on executive coaching can seem extravagant.

I am somewhat surprised when people say things like that to me. We spend thousands on gyms, healthier food, non essentials and often ocasional luxuries..But spend a few thousand pounds that may well help you be happier at work , get a promotion, earn thousands more, do the work you love, have better working relationships…?

Perhaps this is a trust thing. When we buy a chocolate dessert, we eat it there and then generally and , we enjoy it. The thrill of the chocolate is there. It’s real.

No lasting effects generally except on the hips, possibly.

performace is not a piece of cake

And yet we have an aversion to long lasting success, attainment, enjoyment – more specially fulfillment.

Are we impulsive, or just don’t believe things like coaching can help.  And yet I’ve offered people money back guarantees. And they still don’t want to try, sometimes.

So there’s another thing in play here. And that is. Don’t fix what’s not broke. I call it denial. We all have signiifcant things we want to bring into our life and work and yet still fail to. It’s a natural thing to sit with what we’re doing – better the devil you know rather than open that can of worms….It’s the fear inside of us that stops us pushing those boundaries sometimes. The very thing that needs help may well be the thing that’s stopping you move forward. So much of our psyche is based around self-fulfilling conditioning. It’s about stepping out of our comfort zone and taking little but significant steps into the unknown. Trying something small, seeing where you are, testing it, getting feedback and moving on another step.


The key is finding the value. The value of what you want. and the value of what you are trying to hold onto. After all we resits change because we’re attached to some perceived value or potential loss of value. This is the mystical self-limiting beliefs that great EQ coaches home in on and reveal.

Is Coaching worth the money

Emotional Intelligence in London is useful for those based there – give these guys a call.  It’s difficult finding the best people so it’s worth working with people wherever you find them. They used to have money back guarantees…but don’t know if they still do. Ask! Rates start around £400 for a session and £800 for the full monty – EQ tests and assessments and analysis, recommendations and one-2-one coaching feedback.

Because ultimately performing well or leading others well is by no means a piece of cake.